Uniview Introduces New Mini-PTZ Network Camera

Uniview Introduces New Mini-PTZ Network Camera

Uniview Mini-PTZ Available

As one of the world’s leading security camera manufacturers, Uniview continues to push the industry forward with innovate new products. We are proud to carry and distributor all the latest technology from Uniview, including their latest Mini-PTZ camera, IPC6412LR3-X5P.

Easy to Setup and Install

One of the best-selling features for their new Mini-PTZ is the ease of installation. Their new camera features a sleek dome-design which allows for a variety of mounting options, such as ceiling mounted, wall mounted, or even desk mounted. Built in PoE allows both power and data to be transmitted over a single cable, further saving on installation costs.

With Uniview’s simplified P2P setup, adding this camera to a smartphone is as simple as connecting it to your network and scanning the QR code on the bottom of the device. This ensures security, while also saving time for the installers, as they don’t need to port-forward the camera.

Excellent Performance

The Mini-PTZ features a motorized varifocal 2.7-13.5mm lens, which ensures the scene is captured in the highest quality. This model uses a 2MP sensor, recording natively at 1920×1080 at a fluid 30fps. It can also illuminate in complete darkness with the powerful built-in IR, up to 100ft with even light distribution.

Additionally, it can be controlled remotely for a smartphone, allowing for easy adjustments throughout the day. This adds value to your security system, as one camera can effectively monitor multiple angles. Finally, it also has built-in microphone, capturing clear audio from the direction the lens is aimed.

Always Forward Thinking

Over the years we’ve been partnered with Uniview, we have seen them continue to innovate and release quality security cameras and other surveillance products. 2019 has been no exception, with the recent release of their wireless NVR (NVR301-04LB-W), 5in1 hybrid recorders, and now their Mini-PTZ camera series. We are looking forward to see which exciting new products Uniview will release in 2020.

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