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BDCOM Ceiling Accesspoint WAP2100-T22D

BDCOM WAP 2100-T Series is designed by BDCOM and specially oriented for applications in wireless application locations such as indoor public areas. The whole WAP2100-T Series has adopted the latest MIMO technology of QualCOMM, which renders you a secure, stable and hi-speed wireless network. WAP2100-T Series is ceiling-mounted, compact, and beautiful so that they can fit in indoor public areas. They can be used together with in-wall or desktop WAPs to achieve entire WIFI coverage indoors. Furthermore, the adoption of PoE power supply and Adaptor by BDCOM WAP2100-T series makes their installation and application more convenient.

Network Performance

The application of the 802.11n MIMO technology on BDCOM WAP2100-T enables the transmission rate on the physical layer to reach up to 1166Mbps so that WAP2100-T Series can be widely used in indoor locations with many users, such as clubs and restaurants. This series of WAPs has high throughput so that they can meet the access requirements of up to 200 users and make it possible for 80 users to work concurrently.

Flexible Configuration

Due to their wireless ceiling-mounted installation mode, they, other than other kinds of APs like wall-mounted APs and indoor distributive APs, have their own advantages when being installed in indoor locations. They occupy small indoor space, exert no bad influence on indoor environment and are easy to deploy and install. That’s why they are the best choice to establish WiFi networks in indoor public areas. What’s more, it would be more flexible to deploy the fat AP mode in small-scale networks.

Wireless Security

BDCOM WAP2100-T Series supports multiple data encryption criteria, including WEP, WPA, WPA2, WPA-psk, WPA2-psk and 802.11i. They also provide these security functions such as MAC/WEB/802.1x authentication, illegal AP checkup, isolation of wireless users, and wireless user blacklist/white list, providing secure networks for users.

Enterprise-Level Application

BDCOM WAP2100-T Series has following functions: IEEE 802.11n, flow control/QoS, automatic receiving time, automatic terminal identification, multiple SSIDs, dynamic power/rate regulation, dynamic reception flexibility, and fat or thin AP mode. Collaborating with BDCOM AC controllers, WAP2100-T Series can flexibly realize automatic channel choice, power adjustment, user and service load balance, which brings the enterprise-level users an easy wireless network.

One-stop Solution

Collaborating with BDCOM WSC6100 Series AC controllers, layer-2 and layer-3 POE switches, broadband security flow gateways, large commercial egress gateways, BCP8200 cloud platforms and network management system, WAP2100-T Series can provide one-stop solution to the user including authentication, pushing, operating, security, accounting and monitoring.

Model WAP2100-T22D
Interface Standard
1    GE WAN port
2    GE LAN ports
Operation key RESET key



2 wireless modules;
MIMO 2*2
>200 users’ access;
>  80 concurrent users’[email protected];
>    32 SSIDs; >1166M


2.412-2.4835 GHz, 5.150-5.250 GHz, 5.250-5.350 GHz, 5.470-5.725 GHz, 5.745-5.825 GHz
Antenna Built-in antenna 3dBi
Output power 24dBm/path