Uniview Extended Transmission Feature

Uniview Extended Transmission Feature


PoE is an industry standard for transmitting electric power along an Ethernet cable. This allows for a single cable to connect between the cameras and the NVR, compared to running a separate power adapter to the camera. This can significantly simplify the installation of a home security system and help keeps costs down. It also results in less points of failure, resulting in longer system uptime and easier maintenance of the security system.

Uniview’s Unique Solution (Extended Transmission)

The typical maximum recommended distance for a run of Cat5e cable is 100m (328ft). Any longer cable run will have a risk of signal degradation and will be more prone to interference. A long distance cable run could lead to a voltage drop, resulting in power issues with the camera.

Thankfully Uniview has engineered a solution called Uniview Extended Transmission which allows a transmission distance of up to 900ft. This is done via a special amplifying circuit within the NVR, creating a more powerful and stable signal to be transmitted along the ethernet cable. This saves the hassle of needing to use a repeater switch for distances of over 328ft, leading to lower costs and a more affordable CCTV system. Please note that the Extended Transmission function is not meant to be used with third party cameras. It is only compatible between Uniview cameras and Uniview NVRs.

How to enable Extended Transmission

You can enable Uniview Extended Transmission directly from the NVR or via the web interface. The feature will be enabled on a per/PoE port basis. To enable it directly from the NVR, login to the main menu and navigate to Camera > Camera. Then click the ‘Cam Config’ gear beside the camera you wish to configure. Check the box for ‘Extended Transmission’ and click OK. Repeat the process for any channels you need to enable the setting for.

Uniview NVR interface
NVR Interface for Extended Transmission

To configure it via the web interface first navigate to your NVR’s IP address (internal or external) and login. Navigate to Setup –> Camera –> Camera and left click on a channel so it becomes highlighted. Click ‘Modify’ then check the box for Extended Transmission ‘On’ and click ‘Save’. Finally, repeat the process for any channels you need to enable the setting for.

Uniview Web Interface
Web Interface for Extended Transmission


Uniview’s extended transmission functionality has the potential to save time and money by reducing or eliminating the need for PoE switch repeaters during camera installation. This indirectly makes a Uniview home security system less expensive, by saving the need to buy extra equipment. Extended transmission is a useful feature if you know the advantages it can bring.